The BenchMARK Labeler

Label Applicator

Get's The Job Done Right - And Fast!


Is Your Bottle Labeler or Bottle Label Applicator Not Sticking It Like It Use To?


For small businesses that offer bottled products, custom labels are needed to compete with the big boys. It wasn’t such a big deal at first to apply your own labels to your bottles without use of a bottle label applicator because the demand for your bottles was light and manageable. But then you did it, you went and increased the desire for your product. That’s great right?


Sure it is, but what you didn’t realize is that you now have doubled the amount of labels that need to be applied. Not only do you have more bottles to label but also you have less time to do it in. It’s not like you have money to throw around on any bottle label applicator, you need to spend your money wisely so as not to loose momentum. What is your answer? How can you overcome your demand without loosing sleep, money, and lowering the quality of product you send to your customer?



The BenchMARK bottle labeling applicator is a revolutionary machine perfect for the small business owner. It’s a manual bottle labeler machine capable of labeling a wide range of bottles from a small pharmaceutical bottle to a large gallon jug.




The BenchMARK Is An Incredible Bottle Labeler

Securely built bottle labeler

Exact label placement

Easy to operate

Light and portable bottle labeler

It can apply

  • Single labels
  • Front & Back labels
  • Wrap-around label


Label system supports transparent label application



Labeler Labeler


Applies pressure sensitive, die-cut, roll-formatted labels.
Approximate output= b/w 600-900 products per hour, depending on container size and label size
Diameter of containers = 55mm (2.24 inches) to 255mm (10 inches).
Labeling height = 175mm (7 inches approx.)
Applies both a single label and front and back labels.
Construction = 10mm alloy, stainless steel bolts and shafts.

Finish = anodized.